If you have any good stories, or gone on any good outdoors adventures in Antigua and beyond, dont hesitate to send your feedback.
If you have found things changed, inaccurate, or just plain wrong, let me know, so I can adjust the text accordingly. 
Credit for new input will always be given in full if used in the website.
Thanks! Gilles
Michael Pond
31/3/2014 05:06:08 am

Enjoyed your site, thought it was good, when was it updated?
Michael Pond

31/3/2014 04:23:48 pm

Thanks, I put up the blog back in 2012, and have only made small updates from third party reports since then. It must be a bit out of date by now.

andree roy
5/1/2015 10:09:25 pm

Bonjour Gilles, for the past couple of years, we have been going to Martinique for our bike spring training, my husband is the one riding with our two girls, age 12 and 10. They usualy ride from 25 to 70km per day. We loved Martinique, we thought it was safe, and people were well behave at the wheel. Do you think its the same in Antigua, do you recomande we go there this year. Is the Island mostly french or english speeking?Thanks for you help


16/1/2015 04:03:52 pm

I'm a local Antiguan, I used to cycle (GT Transeo 2.0 [Hybrid]) often in 2013- to early 2014, but I stopped because of a few collisions I heard of involving cyclists. I find your site quite interesting because you've obviously been to places in Antigua that I still have yet to see. Just a question though, I notice you reference a village called Belsheda on a couple of your pages, but I'm wondering if you intended to refer to Bethesda, which is on the way to Willoughby Bay from Portworks Dam/New Field.

See link below:

Lynn Martin
26/7/2015 08:26:20 am

I can't find anywhere that lets me book one of your tours...
is it not necessary?

1/3/2017 06:25:57 pm

Thanks for putting together great descriptions of hiking trails on Antigua. They give me some great ideas for upcoming visit. I guess one more thing that I would love to see is coordinates for parking areas for the trails, but then I can probably figure these things out once I arrive.


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